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Quality Manager, Germany

As I started out to learn Polish I was fully aware this is not the easiest of languages and would require some serious work. After a few lessons it turned out how lucky I was to have Aneta as my teacher besides me. She always manages to keep both work and fun in a wonderful balance. She provides clear feedback without making me feel uneasy. A few months down the road I started to doubt I would ever make it to an acceptable level - at least within the limited time slots I can set aside for learning. It was only now when her real “super powers” entered the game. After more than 30 years without systematic language learning it is Aneta who points me to more recent and efficient methods, opens my eyes for reoccurring patterns, helps me to gain clarity about my targets and achievements and she never stops to be a source of patience, encouragement and progress.



Chief Financial Officer, Russia

Aneta is a great teacher - very structured and organized, but flexible and creative! You will have all possible ways of active and passive learning - from standard class books to series and flash cards. She is demanding in a good way, so you feel yourself bad for not doing homework and this is very encouraging;) Aneta will make you see even small tiny progress and respect yourself for that;) By the way of learning with Aneta, I’m also getting great insights about culture, food, nice places and traditions!

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Business Consultant, USA

Aneta’s teaching is focused, well prepared and engaging. I’ve had weekly classes with her for around 9 months and can see clear progress in my ability to communicate, in my knowledge of grammar and appropriate situational vocabulary, and in the amount I understand when listening or following a conversation. Beyond that, Aneta has always taken time to understand my goals and specific learning needs and adjusted her teaching accordingly. Overall I would rate her as a highly effective and accomplished language professional, and I look forward to continuing to work with her.

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