Hey there!

My name’s Aneta and I help people gain confidence in foreign languages.

I was fascinated by the world of sounds since I was a kid. In primary school I discovered that I enjoyed Polish and English classes most. Then there was the decision to study philology – English and Russian, followed by jobs in different language schools.

In the meantime I tried my hand at copy writing, translating, marketing and a specialist in a big retail corporation. Only to realize that teaching is what I enjoy most and that’s what I want to be doing in my life.

You’re looking at the result of my passion for teaching and languages. Vroolang – Languages Online is a place where I assist people in gaining fluency in speaking foreign languages. I teach Polish, English and Spanish online during 1-1 and group courses, but most of all, I help my students gain self confidence. They say you can conquer the world with self confidence!;)

Why am I writing all this?

So that you know that teaching is not a “9 to 5” job to me. It’s something I devote myself to and strongly believe in. And something that I’m a bit nuts about;)

When I don’t teach or learn languages, I dance, spend time in nature and plan my next trips. Currently, I live in Spain.

I strongly believe that everyone can learn a foreign language, regardless of age, education level Or previous learning experience.

You can learn more about my teaching method here.

Got questions? Send me a message at: vroolang@gmail.com


MA diploma, English Philology, 2015
DELE C1 certificate, 2015
BA diploma, English Philology, 2012
BA diploma, Russian Philology, 2015
dyplom licencjat rusycystyka
"How to Teach Online" course certificate, 2019
Language Coaching Webinar certificate, 2018
ceryfikat webinarium coaching językowy